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Since the objective of TechTrends is to offer the market unique and exclusive solutions, it can invest in companies that fill the gaps identified in suppliers, in order to satisfy the demands of customers that need a tailor-made solution, which is in line with an increasingly competitive market that has ever more specific needs.

In this model, AgroInova, that brings technology to Agro-Business, providing unique tools to facilitate the management, execution and administration of all activities in the field and day-to-day conduct of business.


TechTrends provides a dedicated and shared structure of corporative services to your company do not worry about back office activities and be focused in its core business.

Ttrends Marketing
    • Positioning and Planning
    • Offline, Online and Social Media
    • Events
    • Corporate Communications
    • Public and Press Relations

Ttrends Financial
    • Treasury and Billing
    • Payables and Receivables
    • Debt Collection
    • Accounting and Fiscal
    • Controllership

Ttrends Services
  • Specialized Workforce
  • Customized Development
  • Project Management
  • Support
  • Solutions

Ttrends Legal
  • Contracts Management
  • Commercial and Outsourcing
  • Fiscal and Legal Compliance
  • Biddings
  • General Legal Routines

Ttrends Sales
  • Sales Force
  • Mapping and prospection
  • Channel managing
  • Sellers for sectors of industry
  • Complexing sales

Ttrends HR
  • Organization Chart and Procedures
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Payroll Routines
  • Functions, salaries and benefits
  • Performance Evaluation




Rua Alexandre Dumas 2220|  4º andar
Chácara Santo Antônio | 04717-000 | São Paulo – SP


55 11 5643-1320



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The CompanyThe Company

TechTrends is an investment company in the technology market that identifies innovative and exclusive solutions that are in line with the needs of the Brazilian market, whether they relate to local or global brands, it operates as a facilitator for setting up companies in Brazil. Whether as a controller, distributor or representative–this is an unprecedented business model in the country–TechTrends, and has already made it possible for various companies to set up in the country.